HHC+Live Resin Vape 2 Gram

HHC+Live Resin Vape 2 Gram
HHC+Live Resin Vape 2 Gram

HHC+Live Resin Vape 2 Gram

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HHC + Live Resin

HHC is one of the most exciting new cannabinoids on the market, so of course, Bay Smokes had to come up with a blend to blow the rest out of the water. Our HHC 2g vape combines this potent new cannabinoid with live resin for a smooth, chill vibe with every puff. 

What is HHC?

HHC stands for hexahydrocannabinol -- but we’ll stick with the short version. It’s a hydrogenated form of THC, which means it’s super stable and won’t lose potency as fast as other cannabinoids when left out in light or heat. HHC is also not technically a THC product, which is great news if you’re worried about the legal side of things. 

Our HHC vape combines HHC with live resin and natural plant terpenes for a cannabinoid profile that will get you lit and leave you with your head in the clouds. 

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a cannabis extract that comes directly from fresh plants, not dried or processed flower. It’s becoming super popular for its balanced effects and awesome flavors. 

What does HHC Feel Like?

People love HHC because it feels a lot like Delta-9 THC, just not as intense. Most people report the same euphoria and relaxation we know and love from weed. 

HHC is about as strong as D8, but some people say it hits them harder than that. Your tolerance for other cannabinoids might not carry over to your tolerance for HHC, so be sure to start low and go slow when you first get your hands on one of our HHC vapes. 

How do I Use an HHC Vape?

It honestly doesn’t get much more convenient than Bay Smokes disposable vapes. All you have to do is open the package, puff, and enjoy. The hardest part is going to be waiting for them to be delivered to your door (and our shipping is a breeze, too). 

HHC Sativa: Guava

Our Sativa HHC blend is Guava, a tropical, fruity, and slightly sweet strain. It’s perfect for going on a hike or just taking a long walk to the fridge to get creative in the kitchen. 

HHC Indica: Zkittles

This indica HHC disposable is sweet as candy. This juicy, fruity flavor is great for relaxing on the couch with the latest season of your favorite show and pairs perfectly with a midnight snack. 

HHC Hybrid: Mango Kush

Our hybrid HHC strain is one of our best sellers. Mango kush is fruity, tropical, and a little bit herbal. It tastes just as good as it feels, too -- HHC hybrid strains are the perfect balance of energizing and relaxing so that you can go wherever the day takes you. 

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